Kismet Life Science is focused on business development and people development. Like words and music they go together. We assess the go to market strategy, remove bottlenecks, target profitable sales, co-develop a growth plan and assist with implementation. We offer workshops and events that inspire and drive profitable sales. We want to help you create an inspired culture that makes top lists like “great companies to work for” or “most inspiring companies”. This is the place where creativity and energy live and from which exponential growth occurs!

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  • Business Development

    We assist with expansion and new service offerings. This allows you to focus on excellence while a separate sales and marketing culture focuses on expansion and revenue growth.

  • Revenue Growth

    We assist with expansion, broker sign-on, dealers and distribution, strategic alliance development, and marketing with social media. We co-develop, implement, and execute programs designed to create organic growth as a partner for your brand.

  • Market Development

    Market development can mean the difference between overwhelming success and crippling failure. A strongly defined market leads to strong client base.

Kismet Life Science

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Kismet Life Science

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